Oslo Hi-Fi Show 2023 pt.2

Oslo Hi-Fi Show 2023 pt.2 Aavik, Ansuz and Børresen get us dancing Filling larger show rooms with good quality sound can be even more of a challenge than mastering the acoustics of the smaller bedrooms. But the best syndicate room by far, to my mind, was that of Audio Group Denmark. With a system costing […]

Oslo Hi-Fi Show 2023

Oslo Hi-Fi Show 2023 pt.1 When a country needs a decent audio show there’s probably nobody better equipped to create it than the major importers working together with the top magazine. So it is that Oslo now has an audiophile show to be proud of although one city centre retailer did their best to scupper […]

MartinLogan motion at Bristol hi-fi show 2023

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023 pt.2 PMC Distribution took the opportunity to demonstrate the new Martin Logan Motion series of loudspeakers. These have a black folded motion tweeter in black (rather than yellow of yore) and new woofers, the Motion models have woven fibre cones while the more tasty Motion XTs use Kevlar. The floorstanders […]

Rega Naia at Bristol Hi-Fi Show 23

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023 pt.1 The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 23 is the first of its kind since the pandemic. Run by retail chain Audio-T it has been running for as long as I’ve been involved in the industry, with my first visit back in 1989 when the hotel was a Holiday Inn and I […]


Milano hi-fidelity is a high-end audio event befitting the global capital of fashion and design staged at a five-star hotel over a pleasantly warm weekend when we wished the building’s air conditioning had not been switched off for winter. With free entry and a free catalogue, no wonder the event was popular from the moment […]

418 speakers

Manron, from Łubianka in north-west Poland, created an impressive display with their stunning loudspeaker cabinets along with tube amplification. Speakers are the static Lambda 80 (from €5,499) and the amazing Lambda 120 (€13,199) with its swivel top-section housing the Scan-Speak midrange and tweeter. This is a patent-pending design element. The company even commissioned their recording […]

feature image

After two years without a high-end show, audiophiles flocked in huge numbers to the first event in the Polish capital since Covid struck; in greater numbers than the organisers could possibly have imagined. They queued, patiently to pay their £10 entry; they queued to visit rooms and hear systems; they queued for food and drink, […]


Trevor Butler reports on the first full-scale hi-fi show in The Netherlands post-pandemic which saw a huge turnout from both exhibitors and visitors over two days. With the former X-Fi show now replaced by smart, new branding for Dutch Audio Event, the Konginshof conference centre outside Eindhoven witnessed a lively weekend of not only new […]

gpoint audio

Show Time is always interesting. Not only are there often new products – and sometimes new companies – showing their wares, but there’s always the hope that there will be a new audience whose interest in music has finally lead them to the discovery that there’s more to listening than Bluetooth speakers or ear buds. […]

townshend after dark 1

If it’s early October it must be time to go to Daventry in the midlands and see what’s happening at the UK Audio show. This sophomore year for the show saw more exhibitors and more visitors to the event with a lot of the Staverton Park hotel’s first floor taken up alongside larger rooms on […]


It has been four pandemic disrupted years since the high-end audio event was staged in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The bi-annual show had many names including Arken Exhibition, Gothenburg Sound & Picture, Gothenburg Hifi-Show. This year saw its return with exciting news that it might become an annual event in the new hands of […]

cranage 2 main

Living Voice took almost the same system to Cranage as they used at the Munich High End but had to cram it into a much smaller room, so there was one equipment rack topped by a Kuzma R turntable with a 12inch Kuzma 4-Point arm and CAR60 cartridge feeding SJS tube electronics (preamp, phono stage […]