Audiojumble February 2016

Having organised the Audiojumble events for 23 years the remarkable John Howes has stepped back and passed the ‘reins’ over to the next generation. The February 2016 jumble was the first to be entirely run by Richard, Michael and Catherine Howes. It proved a popular event teaming with hi-fi and record collectors on the look out for a bargain. The following are just a few of the treasures that were up for grabs.

Gates CB-77 turntable of the sort used by the BBC in the sixties. A British alternative to EMT

A fine array of Danish beauties, classic Bang & Olufsen systems from the last thirty plus years

John Howes had this Braun 1 system alongside L46 speakers for £380, not bad for a design icon

Rare Grant valve stereo amplifier

Nice example of the second generation AR fully suspended turntable

Yamaha YSL-3 "Never run out of inputs again"

Late seventies Wega Modul 42T tuner and 42V integrated amp, made in Germany with Sony parts

Roksan's first CD transport the ROK-DP1

A barrier of Quad 57s ready to be stacked

Brimar is back, the brand is being used on a new range of tubes that are sourced abroad and checked and measured in the UK

Orelle CD-10T transport and DAC, originally £1,200 now £150

Wadia's iPod dock was one of the first to reveal the potential of Apple portables

Eminent Technology LFT11 sat/sub system, planar magnetics for your desktop

Garrard's IPA10 arm, note variable headshell angle and offset bearings

Late nineties Rega range toppers Jupiter transport, Io DAC, Cursa preamp and Maia power, £700 the lot

Will you look at the quality of those knobs! Serious test and measurement hardware

The work of audio repair engineer Henry from Leatherhead

A Linn Sondek and a version of its original inspiration, the Ariston RD11 Superieur

Jason Kennedy