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Audiojumble winter 2015


February is the time to dig out the classics and take them down to Tonbridge for John Howes' legendary Audiojumble. This year's event saw a record number of stalls and a lot of enthusiasts crowding the event to find bargains and classics. It was as ever top light entertainment for nearly all the family. These are a few of the gems I spotted going for a song, or thereabouts.

IMG 4088

Townshend Rock, the Mk1 complete with first generation Excalibur tonearm in a custom made plinth for £1,200.

AVI integrated

AVI build quality was second to none back in the day, this 200 watt integrated was going for £800.


Pioneer PAX-20E full range drivers with alnico magnets, old but possibly awesome.

kef cresta

KEF Cresta Mk2 from the seventies, I like the silver and white, with a B110 mid/bass they probably sound good too, yours for £85.

acoustical amp

Acoustical MB32, a rare pro audio beast from the makers of QUAD that ran KT66 valves and was built in the 40s. Offers.

rega acos

The original Rega Planet turntable with Acos/Lustre tonearm but non original clamp.

rega planar3

The next generation, a Planar 3 with a price tag that suggests they hold their value.

nakamichi dragon

The Nakamichi Dragon proved that a cassette deck can be legendary (£850).


Hmmmmmmm… grommets!

amstrad turntables

I dare any wannable Apprentice to bring up the Amstrad turntable with Lord Sugar today.

ferrograph S1

Reviewer Adam Smith was selling his much loved Ferrograph S-1s complete with custom outboard crossovers and stands for £325.

naim balls

Something to juggle with while you listen to your six pack.


Parmeko Microgram AP32112, serious British iron from the fifties.

valves ahoy

A garage full of valves etc from Whitstable brought to Tonbridge by a former radio engineer's daughter. If he who dies with the most glass wins, this is the stash of a winner.

terry bateman plnet

yamaha cello V

Left: The legend of Southend, Rega's very own genius Terry Bateman with one of his early creations the Planet CD player now restored by AmpRegen. Right: Yamaha NS20 with its cello specific bass driver.

XAD arm

Xact Audio Design's prototype tonearm bears a passing resemblance to the Mission arm and will be launched soon.

Valve Prestige

G-Point Audio was making a rather pleasant noise with this unusual Polish amplifier. The Valve Prestige EggShell is so called because the remote is a white ceramic sphere that works gyroscopically, the amp itself can ran EL34s in single ended or push-pull mode.

Jason Kennedy


Tonbridge, Kent

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