High End 2013 pt.5

Thöress 300B


Thöress Preamp, surely some relation to the TW-Acustic Phono


Werther's Original as found in the Brodmann Acoustics room


Velodyne vTrue


The Varios tweeters come flappers


The mighty Tannoy Canterbury GR


Soulution power amp power supply upgrade


Schuchtronic parallel tracking pivoted tonearm


Gamut founder Ole Lund Christensen is now making Mumax AVA acoustic panels


Neat SX2, Bob Surgeoner's little pink things


A lovely stack of MSB Analog DACs


Voxativ by JoSound


Isotek Mosaic power conditioners




Fiio X3 24/192 portable €220


ELAC FS507 adjuster for driver position within cabinet alters dispersion characteristics for better room integration


Chord Electronics Piano Blocks casework


Top: Canor CD11 CD player and tube DAC with full galvanic isolation of digital inputs


Avantegarde Zero 1


Arcam AVR750 "the World's Best AV Receiver" at least that's what it says here...