Music First Classic Headphone Pre amplifierMusic First has produced its first headphone amplifier/preamplifier. By using autoformers for the passive volume controls MF has managed to make its least expensive preamp yet at £1,900. It has six inputs and two outputs and those of us familiar with MF products are more than a little excited about […]


At the end of every show report there are always more pictures left, sometimes of gear that just looks fantastic like the Care Orchestra Celestial Crossway mains conditioner (above), which wins our best product name of the show award, and often stuff that plain looks interesting but somehow got left to the end. Either way, […]


Focal SopraFocal has plugged the gap between the Electra Be and Utopia ranges with Sopra. This two model range has three patents pending and comes in several finishes, but really it’s orange or nothing. The technologies that Focal is hoping to make its own are a new surround profile for the midrange driver that provides […]


MSB Select 2It seems like only last year that MSB announced its ultimate DAC, the Select came with a guarantee that any upgrade that came along within a year of purchase would be incorporated gratis. At $60,000 they had to offer an incentive, what I hadn’t expected was that this investment would turn into a […]


Naim DR power amplifiersNaim has revised its power amplifier range to incorporate two big upgrades. The NAP series amps now have DR regulated power supplies, a technology first rolled out for sources and preamps last year but now installed in power amplifiers to provide a lower impedance supply that is 30x quieter than previously. The […]


Astell & Kern AK500A&K’s first venture beyond portable players is the stealthily styled AK500, a high resolution streamer/server/ripper/preamp that runs on a battery power supply, with a mains connection to keep it topped up. It can be supplied with 1TB to 4TB SSDs but the smallest version costs £8,999. All you have to do is […]


Chord Company MusicJust when you thought that Sarum TA was as good as it was going to get from Chord Co they have discovered a dielectric (insulation material) that makes everything else sound shabby. Called Taylon and sold under strict conditions that it not be used to produce military hardware this is a variant of […]


February is the time to dig out the classics and take them down to Tonbridge for John Howes' legendary Audiojumble. This year's event saw a record number of stalls and a lot of enthusiasts crowding the event to find bargains and classics. It was as ever top light entertainment for nearly all the family. These […]


This the first Headroom show is an innovative move by Surrey retailer Unilet Sound & Vision, and a good way of exposing their dedicated new headphone department. The line-up of exhibitors included those who make audio headwear, portable players, headphone amps, DACs and advice on the high geek art of getting the best out of […]


RenĂ© van Es checks out an ambitious dealer show and finds that when it came to producing a sound to match the price points some are more successful than others. In Brussels there’s usually a high end audio show in November, where distributors show their new toys to grown up boys. But this year a […]


Make your own records to a higher standard than Neil Young and Jack White with Le Discographe vinyl cutting lathe by Le Dauphin (1930- 1948). This beast is Mullard TY5-3000 transmitter valve from More typical of Audiojumble fare is this stack 'em high sell 'em at very reasonable prices approach. You don't see many […]


September means many things to many people but to the audio enthusiast it means show time. The first date of the season in the UK is the National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall not far from the Silverstone F1 race track. This large and warren like hotel has rooms great and small, some of which […]