• Mon, 20/02/2017
    Chasing the Dragon have opened a high resolution download section to their site. Until now the audiophile label has specialized in direct to disc recordings, released solely on vinyl with some on CD, but now they are offering back catalogue and the forthcoming España album in multiple hi res formats. Their recordings are entirely live and captured with a Decca tree microphone arrangement without compression, as a result they have a tendency to sound stunning on more
  • Fri, 17/02/2017
    PMC is using Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show, to launch the AVM high-end electronics brand that it’s adding to its distribution portfolio. AVM is based in Malsch, Germany where it has been developing and manufacturing electronic equipment for over 30 more

How To

  • Tue, 14/02/2017
    The biggest thing you can do to improve the sound of a music system is to make changes to the room. The sound produced by a pair of speakers bounces off the walls, floor and ceiling and the nature of those structures has a significant effect on what you more

Latest Reviews

  • Tue, 21/02/2017
    I heard a pair of the new Totem Sky monitors on a visit to a dealer, it was only a short listen but long enough to recognise the sheer quality and make me want to hear them at home. A couple of weeks later I picked them up and since then they have been making some beautiful sounds in my smaller listening room. read more

Show Report

  • November, 2016
    Nestling in the Bavarian countryside, Hifi-bauernhof in Altusried is without doubt one of the most unusual audio dealers in the world. Once a thriving cattle farm, now owned by Dietmar Sutter who was born on the Allgäu estate, it boasts six studios... read more


  • Wed, 08/02/2017
    The loudspeaker brand Diapason is owned and run by a musician with a lifelong passion for truthful music reproduction, as Trevor Butler discovered on a visit to northern Italy.