• Thu, 14/12/2017
    Beloved husband of the late Mari (nee: Kalaijian). Loving father of Vasken Shahinian and Talin Shahinian. Loving and doting grandpa of Lucine and more
  • Wed, 13/12/2017
    The Chord Company has launched the Shawline streaming cable a highly versatile digital interconnect designed to bring the benefits of Chord’s cable expertise to a wide range of music streaming systems. The new cable benefits from design cues and construction techniques developed for the company’s flagship ChordMusic and high-end Signature Super ARAY streaming cables, whilst retaining a more accessible more

How To

  • Wed, 08/11/2017
    A hi-fi philistine once asked me why old guys buy great sound systems when their hearing has inevitably been impaired by the ravages of more

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  • Mon, 11/12/2017
    It’s been a bumper year for great new products at the Ear, there have been so many that our list has had to be expanded to cope. But fear not these are still the most essential new products to appear in 2017. The first one has not yet been reviewed on the Ear but René has experienced it and considers the AE1 Active to be worthy, so we had better get a pair in pronto. read more

Show Report

  • October, 2017
    Electronic music filled the Ilumnia room, a new brand with a loudspeaker that has been in development for the past seven years. From across the Belgian border, Tom Nuyts was proudly showcasing his speakers featuring the world’s first electromagnetic... read more


  • Fri, 08/12/2017
    If you want to stream music through a decent system there isn’t a huge choice of providers and top of the heap you have Tidal and Qobuz. Both offer lossless streaming of a quality that while it’s not quite up there with locally stored music files is pretty close and more than good enough to enjoy music on a high resolution system.