• Wed, 21/09/2016
    Chord Electronics’ new Cable Accessory Pack for its Mojo DAC/headphone amplifier contains a wide selection of cables and adaptors to get Mojo workin’ straight from the box. Designed to offer compatibility with a wide range of partnering devices, the Mojo Accessory Pack also features Chord’s first-ever add-on Mojo more
  • Thu, 25/08/2016
    Chord Electronics’ new SPM 1050 MkII power amplifier, first unveiled at High End 2016, Munich, is now available worldwide. The new MkII version directly replaces the original and introduces the latest Chord amplifier technology, plus some key aesthetic improvements. The MkII model offers reduced output distortion plus improvements to capacitance for cleaner power delivery. It has better isolation on the mains transformer to reduce more

How To

  • Tue, 06/09/2016
    The Ear will be making its hi-fi show debut at the Indulgence show in London next month. To celebrate the occasion we have coerced PMC into giving us a pair of their fabulous DB1 Gold standmount speakers worth £995 to give away to one lucky music lover*.read more

Latest Reviews

  • Mon, 12/09/2016
    This review has taken longer than expected because it’s been so hard to tear myself away from these most enjoyable, highly involving loudspeakers to put pen to paper. There probably isn’t a higher recommendation than that to bestow on this unconventional design from Bob Surgeoner but, as to how this conclusion was reached, read on. read more

Show Report

  • September, 2016
    There weren’t so many rooms resonating with the sound of great music at Whittlebury this year, but the ones that were upped both the sound quality and musical diversity to make up for it. There was a strong emphasis on turntables with two new... read more


  • Thu, 04/08/2016
    Prism Sound has established itself as one of, if not the, foremost brand in digital conversion for recording studios, so it was apt that they chose Mark Knopfler’s British Grove studio in Chiswick, London to formally launch their first product for the hi-fi market. We first heard about Callia back in February, since then it has been to the Munich High End show and now is finally in production.