• Mon, 26/01/2015
    In less than a month the audio industry will once more be descending on the Marriott hotel in Bristol in order to tempt enthusiasts with the latest audio visual goodies. Organisers Audio T have co-opted lossless streaming service Qobuz into offering a “free two week or two month trial” to everyone who buys their tickets online. Booking online also saves you 15% on the door price when the event opens on February more
  • Fri, 23/01/2015
    Rega is joining in the annual vinyl jamboree that is Record Store Day by releasing a limited edition RP1 turntable, arm and cartridge with RSD branding and a lush yellow mat. This version of the company’s entry level turntable will be limited to 500 and is available for £250 from 75 retailers in the UK only. Those stores will also be promoting RSD, which falls on April 18th this more

How To

  • Tue, 18/11/2014
    In 1983 Peter Lyngdorf founded DALI, the Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industry, to supply the Audionord Group in Scandinavia with its own brand of loudspeakers. After few years they moved to a small town called Norager where the factory is based more

Latest Reviews

  • Tue, 27/01/2015
    Rega's latest integrated fills a gap in the range with yet another highly entertaining and engaging amplifier that combines more musicality and precision than most of the competition can muster. read more

Show Report

  • October, 2014
    René van Es checks out an ambitious dealer show and finds that when it came to producing a sound to match the price points some are more successful than others. In Brussels there’s usually a high end audio show in November, where distributors show... read more


  • Thu, 11/12/2014
    Have you ever noticed that your system sounds better later in the evening, that it becomes more revealing and effortless ‘round about midnight’? If so you may have wondered why and you wouldn’t be the first. There are a number of possible causes, the most often cited being that most people turn off their TVs and other electric devices later in the evening, so there is less demand and less noise being injected onto the mains.