• Wed, 01/04/2015
    Tannoy has a long history of providing our customers with the finest and most natural listening experience possible but until today this has been a luxury restricted to the comfort of their homes. With the launch of our ‘Point Source’ noise cancellation headphones we allow today’s modern audiophile to "take their music with them" with no loss of more
  • Mon, 30/03/2015
    The DAC-HA300 is Onkyo’s entry into the portable high resolution audio market and takes the unusual step of combining a USB DAC for mobile phones with an SD card based player. The D/A converter/headphone, amplifier/SD player has a slot accommodating up to 128 GB of music stored on microSD card, an OLED screen, and playback controls. A Micro USB Type-B input enables asynchronous D/A conversion of hi-res audio from PC without the need to install more

How To

  • Tue, 17/03/2015
    Linn is rolling out its Space Optimisation software for a range of third party loudspeakers. This room optimisation tech was released with the Exakt system last year and is now incorporated in Linn’s full range of DS and DSM more

Latest Reviews

  • Tue, 31/03/2015
    This is a DAC with a difference from a Dutch startup that seems to have considered all the options and produced a humdinger straight from the gate.  read more

Show Report

  • February, 2015
    Astell & Kern AK500A&K’s first venture beyond portable players is the stealthily styled AK500, a high resolution streamer/server/ripper/preamp that runs on a battery power supply, with a mains connection to keep it topped up. It can be... read more


  • Mon, 09/03/2015
    Last week I was honoured by a visit from Rega’s namesake and founder Roy Gandy. Rumours had been circulating that the long awaited Naiad turntable is as good as a turntable could possibly be and I could wait no longer. So I asked if I could hear it and was surprised when he offered to come to me, but this meant that I could get a far better idea of its capabilities, so I got the Hoover out.