• Thu, 19/05/2016
    What more can a company do after launching “one of the best DACs available today?” According to Metrum and two of the Ear’s reviewers their current flagship Pavane is hard to beat but at least one idea was not been tried yet. The idea of having a decent volume control that eliminates the need for a pre-amplifier, which could improve performance dramatically. However, Metrum is aware that introducing such device in the signal chain can have a negative effect. read more
  • Mon, 09/05/2016
    Shortly before the High End show in Munich last week it was revealed that Bowers & Wilkins long term major shareholder Joe Atkins had sold the company to Californian former Facebook chief financial officer Gideon Yu’s company Eva Automation. Atkin’s will become CEO for the combined company which brings expertise in wireless technology that could see B&W expand further into the mass more

How To

  • Tue, 24/05/2016
    The latest and penultimate model in the Wilson Audio range is a substantial beast that weighs in at over 100 kilos and stands over one and a half metres high. But it fitted into the dem room at KJ West One both physically and sonically, in fact fitted in does not really do it justice on the sonic more

Latest Reviews

  • Tue, 24/05/2016
    It has been a while since Rega used this name on a turntable but in the seventies, eighties and nineties the Planar 3 was considered the next best thing to a Linn LP12. The company built its reputation on the Planar 3 and cemented it with the RB300 tonearm, a turntable and arm that remained in production until 2000 when it was replaced by the first P3. read more

Show Report

  • May, 2016
    The high end continues to get more expensive and the clientele are not getting any younger, but Harman had the sense to use the world’s greatest turntable (Rega RP10) in their Mark Levinson and JBL Everest dems at Munich. They were not the only... read more


  • Thu, 14/04/2016
    Ever since I started using the Melco N1A server as a source for digital files there has been the option of connecting the USB output directly to a DAC or using the network output to drive a streamer and plugging a coaxial digital output into the same DAC. It’s not a totally flat playing field because I have only just got a coax and USB cable from the same manufacturer and range, most of these observations were made with my coax cables from Chord Co and USBs by CAD and Vertere.