• Fri, 14/09/2018
    The Falcon GC6500R Reference speaker (first spotted at the Munich High End) incorporates a number of proprietary technical advances including the breakthrough Falcon Sonaweave graphene enhanced nano-platelet cone in its bass more
  • Thu, 13/09/2018
    Mitchell & Johnson have launched the 800 Series, a new flagship range of hi-fi components, its first to be entirely designed, engineered and built in the UK. The new Series represents a significant milestone for Mitchell & Johnson, as the company moves away from far eastern more

How To

  • Tue, 04/09/2018
    Ken Ishiwata is making the transition from guru to a sage now that he has 40 years under his belt with Marantz, the company he went to after getting his start in the industry with Pioneer. Superscope bought Marantz from founder Saul B Marantz in 1964 and moved production to the former Standard Radio facility in more

Latest Reviews

  • Wed, 19/09/2018
    Entering a crowded market place, French brand Elipson goes head-on to compete with some stiff competition with its latest two-way stand-mount. Trevor Butler takes a listen to see if there’s any chance of entente cordiale.  read more

Show Report

  • May, 2018
    SME announced a rather different turntable called Synergy (£14,950). This has a phono stage built into the plinth and is supplied with an arm based on the Series IV and an Ortofon Windfield PWTi moving coil cartridge. The turntable has suspension... read more


  • Fri, 20/07/2018
    There are different ways of starting a hi-fi company, the traditional route of building products in the shed and working up to larger scale operation is the best known but also the slowest, there are plenty of brands that started out that way but the world is changing.