Oephi Immanence 2.5 speaker review https://the-ear.net

Oephi Immanence 2.5 loudspeakers Reviewing Oephi’s standmount Transcendence 2 earlier in the year gave me a taste for the fast, dynamic and frankly thrilling sound of this Danish cable maker’s loudspeakers, it didn’t take long before a request was put in for something bigger. That bigger speaker is the Immanence 2.5, which is not the […]

Morel Avyra 633 loudspeaker review https://the-ear.net

Morel Avyra 633 loudspeakers Having enjoyed so much the new Morel two-way Avyra 622 stand-mounts I was very excited at the prospect of trying the larger Avyra floorstanding loudspeakers. I had heard them in the Editor’s room and was impressed by what they could do on the end of some pretty heavyweight electronics that he […]

Neat Elite Classic loudspeaker review https://the-ear.net

Neat Elite Classic loudspeaker In 2022, Neat launched the first model in its Classic range with a new version of the legendary shoebox-sized Petite. I enjoyed what this mighty mini could do and was not surprised that the giant-killing little speaker became an immediate success. This led to demand for a floorstanding companion for the […]

Acoustic Energy Corinium loudspeaker review https://the-ear.net

Acoustic Energy Corinium loudspeakers The name Corinium derives from way back in the day, when the Romans were in power and used it for what is now Cirencester,. Apparently it was a significant place at the time, a Londinium of the west according to those in the know. Acoustic Energy have been in and around […]

Etude 5 loudspeaker review https://the-ear.net

Etude 5 loudspeakers Regular readers may recall Chris Beeching’s review of a rather unique speaker design called the Curvi BMR Mk2. The Curvi is designed and sold by materials scientist and former fellow and lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, Dr Christopher Liauw. The key feature of the Curvi BMR Mk2 is that it is based […]

Silent Pound Challenger loudspeaker review https://the-ear.net

Silent Pound Challenger loudspeakers Trevor Butler discovered the distinctly different Silent Pound Challenger at the Warsaw show in 2022, it was there again last year and sounded so good that he encouraged me to try this substantial loudspeaker at home. What arrived was the heaviest pair of speakers to turn up on my doorstep in […]

Moor Amps Ascalon-8 loudspeaker review https://the-ear.net

Moor Amps Ascalon-8 loudspeakers Moor Amps is a small, family company derived from a shared passion for music and dedicated to high-quality, British-built audio equipment. At its helm are Tim and Ruth Narramore with relations also involved, making this a real family affair. Behind the brand is a passion for music along with a desire […]

The Ear Best hi-fi of 2023 https://the-ear.net

The Ear picks the best hi-fi of 2023 2023 has been a tough year for the hi-fi industry but that has done nothing to stem the flow of first class products coming to market. In fact there are even more extraordinary audio components to choose from than there were last year, with advances made in […]

Audio Physic Classic 8 speaker review https://the-ear.net

Audio Physic Classic 8 loudspeakers With new UK distribution, via Cyrus Audio, the German loudspeaker brand Audio Physic is set for increased prominence on our high streets. What better time to try one of these highly thought of transducers which have a long and distinguished pedigree. Cyrus selected the 2½-way design that is the Classic […]


Dali Epikore 11 speakers Dali is not a name that is associated with high end loudspeakers but that’s because they have been so strong at the other end of the market for so long, there has been at least one boundary stretching model in the range for much of the company’s 40 history and of […]

Neat Acoustics Mystique Classic speaker review https://the-ear.net

Neat Acoustics Mystique Classic speakers A new loudspeaker from British stalwart Neat Acoustics is always an exhilarating moment and I was excited when the new Mystique Classic arrived to try in my own system. I had seen a prototype of the compact floorstander at the Munich High End show in May and knew that it […]

B&W - 801 signature

Bowers & Wilkins 801 Signature The engineers at Bowers & Wilkins research and development department have been taking their jobs home with them again. It only seems like yesterday that the 800 series was launched in D4 form (apparently it was 2021) yet this summer they unveiled two Signature versions of the smallest and biggest […]