PMC prodigy5 speaker review

PMC prodigy5 speakers PMC started out in pro audio and their official name is Professional Monitor Company so it’s hardly surprising that they are as heavily involved in the music production side of the business as the listening side where we sit in our comfy chairs. PMC’s ethos is that you can use the same […]

Alta Audio Alec loudspeakers

Alta Audio Alec loudspeakers Alta Audio is a classic boutique brand. Based in Long Island, New York, Alta is run by Michael Levy who makes a small range of distinctive looking loudspeakers of which the Alec is the smallest floorstander. It stands 39 inches (99cm) high before you add an inch and a half of […]

Focal Vestia No2 loudspeaker review

Focal Vestia No2 loudspeakers It is the magical moments that make the life of an audio reviewer so special, such as my encounter with the Vestia No2 floor-standing loudspeaker from French manufacturer Focal. My heart initially sank when I spied a pre-production version of the Vestia No2 three-way at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show. In the […]

Sonus faber Amati G5 review

Sonus faber Amati G5 loudspeakers The Amati G5 is very much a modern Sonus faber that while it’s part of the Italian company’s Homage range does not seem have a lot in common with the models that it was created to honour. The Sonus faber Guarneri was first made in 1993 and while it had […]

Børresen X3 review

Børresen X3 loudspeakers The Børresen X3 followed the mighty Stratton Acoustics Elypsis 1512s into the listening room, it would be hard to imagine two such different designs. The Stratton is a metre wide, has ten and 12 inch drive units and costs over £80,000, the X3 is 34.5cm wide, has drivers that do not exceed […]

Q Acoustics 5040 loudspeakers

Q Acoustics 5040 loudspeakers The new Q Acoustics 5040 has me wondering whether somewhere in their sound labs, Q Acoustics’ engineers have secret ingredients in bottles labelled ‘Thrills’, ‘Spills’ and ‘Miscellaneous audio wizardry’. I’ve now had the pleasure of listening to several different speakers from this Hertfordshire-headquartered company, and every time my opening and closing […]

Perlisten s7t review

Perlisten S7t loudspeaker To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, we can’t always get what we want, and I wanted to hear the Perlisten S7t a long time before these substantial loudspeakers arrived at the listening room. But it was worth the wait. There was a lot of noise around Perlisten on launch because the range arrived […]

Pearl Sibelius

Pearl Acoustics Sibelius loudspeaker The Pearl Sibelius is a rather different loudspeaker to the run of the mill, and in more ways than one. What you notice is that there’s only one drive unit, what’s less obvious is that the cabinet is made of solid oak and that it has quarter wave loading. The latter […]

Kudos Titan 606 review

Kudos Titan 606 loudspeakers I have enjoyed a number of the Kudos loudspeakers during my tenure with the Ear so the opportunity to hear the Titan 606, the largest model yet to grace my listening room, was one I jumped at with enthusiasm. Regular readers may recall the positive impression that the C20 and the 10A […]

Blumenhofer Fun 13 Mk2 review

Blumenhofer Fun 13 Mk2 floorstanding loudspeaker I was introduced to Blumenhofer Acoustics exactly a year ago when I reviewed their Tempesta 20, a rousing hybrid-horn that lingered so vividly in my memory it was impossible to ignore eleven months later when it was time to nominate The Ear’s Best of 2022. Keen to hear more, […]

curvi BMR mk2 main

Curvi BMR Mk2 loudspeaker It takes quite a lot of courage to adopt a relatively new technology in a market where the norms are already well established, but that’s exactly what Curvi founder Dr Chris Liauw (a materials scientist) has done. It’s almost on a par with the development of the electrostatic transducer in the […]

Goldenear Triton Seven review

Goldenear Triton Seven The Goldenear Triton Sevens are the smallest of the floor standing loudspeakers in the flagship Triton range. When I first heard about Audioquest’s acquisition of the Goldenear loudspeaker company in early January 2020 my reaction was a simple one. Why? Why would Bill Low, owner and CEO of one of the world’s […]