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Anouar Brahem

Le Pas Du Chat Noir

Anouar Brahem Le Pas Du Chat Noir


Formats available: CD

It is possible to describe this album as music by Frederic Chopin written for a kanun (a variation on the dulcimer and zither) and played side by side next to Erik Satie’s music for oud. This album merges east and west in a very melodious and poetic fashion. Anyone looking for a contemplative musical background for the end of their busy or boring day could do much worse than to sink into the very gentle and haunting sounds that this trio is playing. An accordion, a piano and an oud, it’s not a combination of instruments that inspires a great deal of excitement, quite the contrary perhaps. But here they are combined to produce tango laced musical vignettes which are intermingled with Parisian accordion and the Arabic half chords of an oud. Highly recommended to those who never thought that they may one day like classical music.

Stand out track: Pique-Nique Á Nagpur.

Reuben Klein


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