Custom Design FS 104 Signature XL review

Custom Design FS 104 Signature XL speaker stands Positioning loudspeakers within a room is so vitally important to the sound they produce. Avoiding positions that are too close to walls (especially corners), are obvious, others less so. It’s vital to eliminate (or at least minimise) reflections from surfaces close to the speaker cabinets, from the […]

Stack AUVA speaker isolation feet

Stack Audio Auva 70 loudspeaker isolation feet Stack Audio Auva is Theo Stack’s latest creation. I have known Theo Stack since I met him at the Bristol Audio Show back in 2016. He lives not far from me in Devon and has been to Kelly Towers on a number of occasions. His eponymous audio company […]


Not long ago I tested some stands for my Harbeth P3ESR loudspeakers, just to see which would work best. A wood, stone and steel stand, open frame metal or a massive sand filled design. I found enough differences between the stands to pick a favourite but they were all satisfactory. Until that is I had […]