Naim NSS 333 streamer, NAC 332 preamplifier, NAP 350 power amplifiers review

Naim NSS 333 streamer, NAC 332 preamplifier, NAP 350 power amplifiers Apparently the NAC 332 is the first Naim preamplifier to have an onboard power supply. In a day and age when finding any preamplifier without its own power supply is unlikely this is hardly shocking but it’s clearly a change of approach for Salisbury’s […]

Cyrus PSU-XR review

Cyrus Audio PSU-XR power supply The Cyrus PSU-XR is the latest in a long line of power supply upgrades for Cyrus, the Huntingdon, England based company were among the very first to offer this form of upgrade in the form of the original PSX model from the ‘80s. The PSX has since evolved into the […]

Naim New Classic NSC 222, NPX 300, NAP 250 review

Naim NSC 222, NPX 300 & NAP 250 The Naim New Classic range marks the beginning of an era for the Salisbury based electronics brand, a company that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. It is the first change to Naim’s core product line since the introduction of Naim Classic in 2002. The Mu-So and […]

Russ Andrews BMU 3000VA

Russ Andrews BMU 3000VA install version The Russ Andrews BMU 3000VA aims to bring pro standard power to your home. Recording studios and mastering suites have an obvious interest in achieving the cleanest mains possible and that’s why most, if not all of them, power their electronic equipment from balanced mains units. In domestic settings […]

quiescent t500 main

Quiescent T500VA How do you like your mains: au-naturel, actively re-generated or passively treated? It’s a question that the Quiescent T500VA answers but one that I first considered some 16 years ago when I attended a listening session with a group of some half a dozen audiophiles. We had gathered to audition and compare assorted […]

M2T Young VdG 547

It’s not clear when looking at a single product from M2Tech’s Rockstars range why they have a particular name, but gather the model names together and you have the Crosby power amplifier, Nash phono preamplifier and Young DAC as well as a Joplin ADC/phono stage and a Mitchell active crossover among others. Stills doesn’t seem […]


It would have been easy for Cyrus to have made a straightforward phono stage, they could undoubtedly have made one that sounded great and it would have sold to fans of the marque. But instead they chose to do it a little differently, to make a product that had features not found on any other […]


The Naim Unitiserve is a dedicated music server made by a company with a track record for high quality and back up, Naim is also renowned for offering power supply (PSU) upgrades for its preamplifiers and source components. Thus far however it has not made one for the Unitiserve, which is supplied with an inline […]