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Ehud Asherie Trio

Wild Man Blues

Ehud Asherie

Capri Records

Formats available: CD

Warning! This is a straight, old fashioned, pure wonderful jazz. No hocus pocus or complex musical expression. All such is replaced by the type of piano trio that will raise a smile in spite of and especially despite the best efforts of politicians to wipe such things away.The outrageous lack of pretence and joyful notes are performed by leader Ehud Asherie (piano), bass player Peter Washington and drummer Rodney Green.

Asherie has been on the scene for a long time as a collaborator and a band leader, he is a natural and largely self taught talent. He has collaborated with some very notable jazz luminaries including Cécile McLorin Salvant, Wycliffe Gordon, Catherine Russell, John Pizzarelli, and Charles McPherson. Wild Man Bluesis his 13th album.

This album is dedicated to a short romp that is not concentrated on any specific theme.  It’s style and sound will take some back to the 50s. His piano phrasing will remind some of Tommy Flanigan and others of Ray Bryant, he is not one to use artificial fireworks, instead listeners are treated to light fingers and many references to jazz classics as the trio under his leadership floats and jumps through eight tracks. The album lays out a tour of Jazz that takes one from the 30s to the 50s, ‘Parker’s Mood’ to Samba. The gentle presentation never misses a beat, Asherie’s style is always engaging and entrancing. There is a wee bit of cotton wool and sugar in places, but the overall result is that of great talent and charm. The words ‘lovely’ and ‘jazzy’ best described the album.

The recording is excellent and will sound great whether it’s played on a home system or in the car. The overall sound is intimate although it lacks a sense of space around the instruments.

Reuben Klein

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