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Marcotulli & Biondini Duo Art

La Strada Invisibile



Formats available: CD

The editor it appears suffers from a little known disease called accordionophobia, hence this is the third album to feature the instrument that has come my way. His loss my gain! La Strada Invisibile is yet another delightfully mesmerising album from the ACT label. From the first note and with very few exceptions this is a musical tour de force that is filled with energy, verve, imagination and musicality of the sort that one does not hear in many places now a days. It has passion that is so lacking from today’s commercial mainstream that it’s very pleasing to witness, hear and experience.

The album is a collaboration between a pianist and an accordion player, but DO NOT let this put you off, it has a sound big enough to excite and captivate. The protagonists of this charming and melodious album are Rita Marcotulli (piano) and Luciano Biondini (accordion). The music is grandiose and for the most part flowing in bold and breath taking fashion, veering from folksy, funky, jazzy fast rhythms to what sounds in places like a rendition of a Nino Rota’s undiscovered works for a Fellini movie that was never made. Aided in places by a bit of pleasant electronica that adds depth and dimensionality.

There are opportunities aplenty for the two to demonstrate that even at a time when the work of a mediocre rock band is added automatically to 119 million new devices (U2, iPhone 6), the majority of humanity is missing a trick by not listening to music. The recording quality is wonderful, it is hard to screw up recordings that involve just two acoustic instruments and ACT is particularly good at doing the opposite. The sound is transparent to the point that every click and clack from the accordion’s keyboard is heard while the piano’s full range is represented openly and without exaggeration.

This album will delight those who wish to discover music in its simplest yet most creative state. The style is slightly tricky to classify as it marries many genres, but fans of classical, jazz, world, and even blues music will find much that will captivate and intrigue. Extremely highly recommended you will not regret the choice for a single second of the 54.44 minutes that this fine album runs for.

Stand out track: Tuareg

Reuben Klein

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