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Matt Aronoff

Morning Song


Adhyâropa Records

Formats available: Download

An interesting and in places engrossing album that shouts from every fibre of its digital being: hard core modern jazz. The sound reminded me of Moon Germs an old favourite from the early 1970s by Joe Farrell, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Jack DeJohnette. The line up here is Matt Aronoff (bass), Jason Rigby (tenor sax), Yago Vazquez (Fender Rhodes) and Henry Cole (drums). All the musicians ooze talent. With instruments that merge seamlessly to form captivating rhythms and harmonies at various tempos that are interspersed with some prolonged bouts of self-indulgence that may not be to all tastes, but the sum of this album’s parts is great.

The album was recorded as a live session which may explain some the aforementioned self-indulgence, the 24-bit/48kHz digital download is lush and accurate. The style is intimately modern veering towards avant gard in places, but the performance is filled with lyrical and achingly beautiful passages. Afficionados of straight jazz and bebop will scoff in places but find much to love in others on this album.

Morning Song is a great introduction into modern jazz that will please many. As with all complex musical presentations, the album requires multiple plays for the talent involved in its creation to be fully appreciated, but it rewards the effort.
Stand out track: June 25th

Reuben Klein

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