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Formats available: CD

It is possible to sum up this album in two words: simply mesmerizing. But reviews need to be a bit longer than that so I will continue. Lunar Love consists of tunes that transform hypnotic reggae into something akin to the work of Ethiopian musical giant Mulatu Astatke. With reggae notes underpinning an African sound from both sides of the Atlantic. It’s made of rhythms and sounds that not only intergrate but also re-imagine reggae. Most of the album consists of a solid field of sound that includes South American, Caribbean and various African influenced rhythms, harmonies and native instruments, it’s an extraordinarily large musical canvas.

Some tracks have Massive Attack quality bass and atmospherics that create the impression of intimacy inside a cavernous space. Mop Mop make excellent use of Anthony Joseph’s amazing voice, this is formidable and highly evocative, fusing poetry, drama and a slow rap. The sound is enthralling throughout and more of a musical “happening” than an album in the usual sense. The Mop Mop tribe is lead by Italian percussionist Andrea Benini and consists of a very large group of musicians that conjure up a vast musical vista. This is a tonally rich album with addictive bass notes and percussive rhythms made by many instruments in harmony. The recording is superb, the sound stage extends wide and deep. Lovers of bass that shakes homes and rattle foundations will find it addictive.
It is hard to fully convey how energetic and rhythmically creative Lunar Love is, suffice to say it’s a bucket-list-must-have-get-it-now album.
Most special track: Spaceship:Earth

Andrea Benini – drums, drum machines, percussions, vocals. 
Alex Trebo – piano, electric piano, synthesizers, wersi bass.
Pasquale Mirra – vibraphone, marimba, balafon, glockenspiel. Salvatore Lauriola – electric bass, double bass. 
Danilo Mineo – surdo, congas, tumbadora, udu drums, talking drum, krakebs, shakers, rattles. 
Additional musicians : 
Anthony Joseph – vocals. 
Wayne Snow – vocals. 
Annabel – vocals. 
Christoph Matenaers – hang. 
Davide Angelica – guitars. Nicola Peruch – Moog modular system. 
Max Castlunger – steel drum, kalimba 
telonio, ARP synthesizer.

Reuben Klein

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