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Every few years one comes across an album such as Sleepwalkers. An album that jolts one awake with its brilliance, but Sleepwalkers is that kind of an album. It is played with talent and confidence that justifies putting Omer Klein on a scale normally reserved for the work of fellow pianist Tord Gustavsen, it has a rare and rarefied elegance and musicality that clearly warrants the comparison.

Klein is an Israeli born German based keyboardist whose talent reserves are deep, he does post rock as well as he does jazz and can stretch out in all directions. He has played with John Zorn and Avishahi Cohen and has been appearing with his trio across Europe and in the US, needless to say you should catch him if you can.

Klein is joined by two equally impressive partners, Haggai Cohen Milo on double bass and Amir Bresler on drums. The trio plays music that moves from classical to world to modern to the mainstream of jazz, blues and funk with a little Sati-like intimacy for good measure. Of the 13 original and dazzling pieces two tracks stand out; ‘Blinky Palermo’ with its lovely bass and piano interplay, and ‘Spilt Milk’ where’s Klein’s playing takes on a lyrical bent. As you can probably tell I quite like this musical gem, it’s a performance that is not to be missed. Sound quality is about par for a jazz trio recording, not ECM standard but it sounds natural and everything is in perspective. Downloads in 44.1/16 and 24bits are available from Qobuz, hard copies can be found in various European outlets. If you want to elevate your life a little higher, this sublime musical experience will definitely help.

Reuben Klein (no relation!)


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