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Richard Galliano & Sylvain Luc

La Vie En Rose: Rencontres avec Edith Piaf et Gus Viseur


Milan Records

Formats available: CD

The French must be music connoisseurs, this album proves as much if nothing else. Frenchmen Richard Galliano (accordions) and his very able partner Sylvain Luc (acoustic guitars) play a nostalgic tribute to a unique style of music. The album is a marriage of Gallic passion, verve and virtuosity, it is an intimate musical romp through the era and ambiance of France when chanson was all the rage.
They play renditions of South American music as well as well known French songs that span the years from the forties to the sixties, the nineteen sixties that is. The performances are breathtaking. Richard Galliano is without dispute one of the most prolific, capable and musically intriguing accordionist on our blue planet, what he does with various accordions and instruments can only be described as magical. Galliano is joined by a guitarist who has recorded a wide variety of music, from blues to French gypsy jazz and regularly plays with another French guitarist, Bireli Lagrenes. Galliano and Luc weave tunes and harmonies in a manner that very few musicians will ever be able to equal. The music is always very tuneful and lyrical, flowing gently but with plenty of energy. The album is recorded in a manner that places the listeners in a small venue. For some this album will be a trip down memory lane, for most it will be an introduction to fabulous melodies performed by two musical geniuses. A very highly recommended album that gently captivates and excites through all and every one of its 16 tracks.

Reuben Klein


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