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Vincent Peirani’s Jokers doesn’ fall under any of the usual classifications. From its first track, a rendition of Marilyn Manson’s This Is the New Shit and thereafter, it’s a musical hoot. Across the Brexit channel, Peirani is considered to be a jazz musician, on the evidence of this album, he swings his accordion in very different directions. Rock; check. World music; check. Progressive rock; check. European Folk Music; check. A touch of the Zydeco; check. Shades of Ennio Morricone; check. All performed with much talent, glee and aplomb. Sometimes in a single track.

Aided by Federico Casagrande on guitar and Ziv Ravitz (also moonlighting in the Shai Maestro trio) on drums and keyboards, Peirani offers measured, understated accordion playing supported by rock’ish guitar and jazzy drumming.

The album has an intimate feel, even when the volume reaches its version of 11. Not all the tracks are as listenable as others but the whole is greater here than the sum of its highly piquant parts. The recording is good with a mighty speedy bass and well-defined instruments in the mix, but it lacks ‘air’ and stays confined to a flat soundstage.

The tracks that stood out for to me were River and Heimdall (no connection to Nordost). Highly recommended for those who are bored by formulaic albums and seek genre free performances for their listening pleasure.

Reuben Klein

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