Small on scale, big on features

Pro ject MaiA DS3 silver diagonal

Pro-ject have launched two new European made amplifiers. The MaiA DS3 (above) is their answer for those looking for a versatile integrated amplifier that will cover most connectivity needs. Don’t let the size fool you. The MaiA DS3 has nine inputs including MM and MC phono. For digital sources it has a coax S/PDIF, two optical S/PDIF and an USB input for the onboard DAC, plus Bluetooth aptX HD.
The amplifier offers 80W of power per channel and has a dedicated subwoofer output. For multiroom applications and music throughout the house – or even outside the MaiA DS3 has one fixed- and, one variable pair of RCA jacks. The built in headphone amp has a 6.3mm socket. The full metal casework comes in black or silver and the price is £1,049/ €1.199.

Stereo Box S3 BT
The Stereo Box S3 BT comes into play when you want music in a room – but space is a factor. Hardwire up to two devices to the RCA jacks and send your favourite tunes from your phone or tablet with a third aptX Bluetooth input.
Despite its small, neat case this integrated 21W amp can “power your favourite pair of bookshelf speakers”, use the supplied remote to adjust volume and input from your listening position. The 3.5mm variable jack at the rear can be used for a powered subwoofer to cover the lowest notes – or hook up our Amp Box S3 and pipe music into a separate room or even outdoor speakers. The Stereo Box S3 BT is available for £359 / €399.

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