A&K trumpets Copper Nickel portable

SP2000T Lifestyle 2

Astell&Kern reveals the limited edition SP2000T Copper Nickel: “a premium music player built like a wind instrument”. This limited-edition portable digital music player is the first to be built from a solid block of copper-nickel alloy, a material commonly found in traditional brass instruments.

Underneath its instrumental body, the SP2000T (£2,399) introduces Astell&Kern’s next generation amp technology, the Triple Amp System. Users can switch between tube amp mode, normal op-amp mode or the new hybrid amp mode to select the best sound output for the type of music.

This limited-edition device is a quad-DAC player that also features Replay Gain, enabling the player to maintain a consistent playback level by automatically adjusting the volume between tracks. The device comes with a full HD (1920×1080 resolution) touch screen as well as a sleek user interface.

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