In-akustic Micro Air for UK


Karma-AV is bringing the in-akustik Reference LS-404 Micro Air speaker cables to the UK. In-akustic’s ‘Micro Air’ technology aims to minimise the physical filter effect of cables by using air as a dielectric to insulate concentric copper conductors, which are helically arranged according to a proprietary design. A thin layer of polyethylene protects the pure copper from oxidation.

The Reference LS-404 Micro Air speaker cable uses air as the insulation surrounding a total of eight concentric copper conductors in a multicore architecture, arranged so that “the magnetic fields of the positive and negative conductors overlap and neutralise each other. This specification reduces the inductance of the cable considerably, thereby promoting a faithful transmission of the audio signal over a broad frequency range and with precise timing.” 

The Reference LS-404 Micro Air is available with BFA bananas or with spades, or as an Easy-

Plug version. The surfaces of the BFA bananas and the spades are finished with a rhodium coating and are therefore extremely durable. Prices start at £770 for a terminated 3m pair.

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