Astell&Kern adds A&norma SR35 & AK Zero2 upgrade

A&K SR35

Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 media player and AK Zero2 earphone upgrade

The SR35 inherits the strengths of the award-winning A&norma series, and elevates them further. Astell&Kern has revealed the A&norma SR35 media player (£799/€899/US$800/AU$1299). Successor to the multi-award-winning SR25 MKII, the premium hi-resolution audio device is the first to feature the brand’s own New Generation Amp technology and an interchangeable Quad DAC Mode as well as a brand-new user interface.

Exclusive circuitry that pushes sonic boundaries

Boasting 20 hours of continuous playtime, the SR35 deploys the first Dual/Quad DAC switching mode in the A&norma series, enabling users to easily adjust the sound and power output while improving power efficiency. The brand’s patented TERATON ALPHA technology ensures balanced dynamics and class leading resolution throughout listening sessions.

Elevating the series to new heights of audio excellence, the new SR35 is the first in the A&norma series to be equipped with New Generation AMP technology from Astell&Kern. Featured in the latest high-end A&ultima and A&futura range, the exclusive, in-house amplifier effectively eliminates noise at a high-power output to ensure SR35 listeners experience the clearest possible, distortion free sound at all times.

A&K SR35

The new amplifier technology built into the SR35 also boasts a two-step gain mode for the ultimate Hi-Fi experience. New gain settings generate a high current output to produce a consistently powerful sound with excellent driver control to ensure seamless use of sensitive IEMs and hard-to-drive headphones.

An interface fitting for listening

For the most seamless of listening experiences, the SR35 comes with a reimagined, crimson-themed, intuitive user interface featuring a new album artwork search function to allow audio connoisseurs to rediscover the joy of the art form.

A new AK File Drop function in the SR35 makes wireless transfers more convenient than ever. Using the tool, files can be freely transferred through a PC, smartphone or FTP program located on the same network.

Connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Equipped with Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz) to provide strengthened network performance, music in the highest possible quality can be enjoyed through a wide range of streaming and Roon Ready services.

The SR35 also brings your other devices up to its level. Music from an external device, such as a smartphone, can now be played back in high quality on the SR35 through a new BT Sink function.

Roon Ready and MQA support

Further new functionality comes with Roon Ready status, plus full MQA 8x decoder support   – enabling the SR35 to natively play and stream Hi-Fi MQA tracks. Both additions keep the new model true to the A&norma concept of playing authentic sounds anywhere and at any time.

Inimitable, powerful design

Embodying the design principles of the A&norma range, the SR35 is powerful yet portable in its stature. The bold line at the side of the device that widens at the bottom symbolises a warrior’s sword of battle while the concave surface of the refined volume crown represents a shield. These shapes combine in the design of the SR35 to indicate the strength and consistency of the unrivalled audio performance.

From hero to AK Zero2: Astell&Kern earphone upgrade

Second-generation IEMs combine different driver technologies for the ultimate performance at their price point. Precision-crafted in Japan, the AK Zero2 is a game-changing design.

Astell&Kern, the multi-award-winning global audio component pioneer from South Korea, has unveiled the AK Zero2 (£1099/€1199/US$1050/AU$1849), a stunning pair of in-ear monitors (IEM) that redefine precision design and performance at this level.

Handcrafted in Japan and clad in Astell&Kern’s signature angled aluminium, the AK Zero2 earphones combine different types of driver technology to optimise audio performance across all sound frequencies. Exceptional cross-over network management means the different designs work together in perfect harmony.

AK Zero2

The AK Zero2’s micro rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver has been specifically developed to deliver high frequencies, using advanced technology to optimise the planar design for in-ear use.

The IEMs also feature two pairs of Coil Parameter Dual Custom BA Drivers to reproduce both full range and mid-to-low range frequencies. This ultra-low distortion design is ideal to deliver outstanding clear vocal performance, along with perfect harmonisation across all frequencies.

The final piece of the picture is a 10mm Dynamic Driver with Piezoelectric Transducer technology. In the AK Zero2, this design takes on both super-tweeter and bass extension duties – delivering both the extreme highs and lows of the frequency range that other earphones can struggle to resolve.

Each driver is placed optimally in an acoustic chamber that is created through refined 3D printing technology. This design eliminates any unnecessary movement and resonance of the drivers for permanently stable performance.

Other elements of the AK Zero2 are equally impressive, from the four-core oxygen-free copper cable to the robust MMCX connectors. A carefully shaped design means you can also expect superb fit and listening comfort – aided by an accompanying array of ear-tip options.

The A&norma SR35 and AK Zero2 will be available to purchase at or at a range of trusted retailers.

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