Audio Research gets colour


The Audio Research I/50 integrated amplifier is the first product in an all-new series of functionally simple, visually engaging components. Available in six colours, the I/50 features Cerakote finishes and the design allows for the installation of two audio modules – a phono stage, and a D/A converter (to come in 2022). The high current, 50 watt per channel amplifier is said to be capable of driving a wide variety of speakers. A headphone jack allows for personal listening time. 

The I/50 has three controls on its top panel – power, input, and volume. Two LexieTubes provide display information for input selection and volume. Two matched pairs of 6550WE vacuum tubes, along with three 6922 tubes, stand in front of the perforated transformer cover. Three single-ended inputs and one XLR input provide connectivity for most systems, along with 4 and 8 Ohm speaker taps to accommodate a range of speakers. One input can be assigned for pass-through function. A full-function metal remote control provides further functionality and operation. An optional tube cage will be available. 

As with all Audio Research products, the I/50 is built entirely in the company’s Minnesota facility and is the first product to be completely finished in-house. The Phono module provides 42 dB of gain, allowing a wide choice of moving magnet and high-output moving coil cartridges. The D/A Converter will have multiple connection options and an array of decoding formats to accommodate the spectrum of music formats and resolutions. The Audio Research I/50 integrated valve amplifier is available in the UK from October, distributed exclusively by Absolute Sounds. UK RRP is £5,698.



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