Audio T takes Bristol show nationwide


On what would have been the weekend of the 34th Bristol Hi-Fi Show but for the dreaded Covid, Audio T has invited a selection of the best manufacturers of hi-fi and home cinema to showcase the latest and greatest from the industry. Join them in store on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th February for a series of demonstrations, exclusive offers, discounts, promotions and giveaways.


Paul, John and Adrian from Audio T Brighton will be joined by iconic British Hi-Fi manufacturers, Naim Audio and ATC Loudspeakers. You’re invited to come along and check out several ranges from the more compact Naim Uniti Atom and ATC SCM7 bookshelf speakers, all the way up to Naim’s full flagship 500 series consisting of the ND555 Network Player, 555PS DR Power Supply, NAC552 preamp, 552PS DR, NAP500 DR power amplifier and the fabled Solstice Special Edition Turntable all running through the highly impressive ATC SCM50PSL speakers. We will also have experts from both manufacturers on hand to answer any questions you might have.


Fresh off the back of their recent social media takeover, Fine Sounds UK will be joining Max, James and Justin at our Bristol store to showcase two of their high-profile brands. McIntosh Laboratories, an American manufacturer of high-end audio equipment known for their distinctive and iconic design of blue VU meters and green glowing valves. Joining them are Sonus Faber, known for their exquisite sounding speakers featuring stunning designs steeped with a flair that is synonymous with their Italian homeland.

Nick, Kerrin & Matt, will be taking on a powerhouse trio of brands – Cyrus Audio, REL Acoustics and Spendor, who will all be flying the Union Jack as industry leading British Hi-Fi manufacturers. The boys will be accompanied by experts from Cyrus Audio and REL Acoustics to answer all of your questions. There will also be giveaways and discounts galore, so be sure to make your way down to Cardiff.

When talking about British Hi-Fi manufacturers, there are two names that are consistently uttered – Rega Research and Acoustic Energy. Both brands offer a wide range of products to cover all budgets and requirements, from the award winning Rega Planar 1 turntable, Rega IO amplifier and the brand new Acoustic Energy AE1002 to the flagship Rega Planar 10 turntable, Rega Osiris amplifier and Acoustic Energy AE520 speakers. Jon, Farid and Andy will be joined by James Luce, Creative Director at Acoustic Energy, who is essentially the man behind the speakers.

Jon, Jason and Elena are delighted to be welcoming Arcam, PMC and JVC to our Enfield store to showcase that Audio T is not only a specialist Hi-Fi retailer but also the fact that we provide expert knowledge in Home Cinema. Come on down and immerse yourself in the magic of movies and TV shows like you’ve never seen before. 

Heading as far north as our stores go, Audio T Manchester will be welcoming two titans of the industry – Firstly, Linn Products, founded in Glasgow in 1973, will be joining Dave, Munir, Mike & James to show you what almost 50 years of Hi-Fi knowledge and experience gets you. You’ll be able to see and hear the likes of the legendary Linn LP12 Majik, Akurate and Klimax turntables as well as the DSM streamer range. They will be accompanied by Danish loudspeaker manufacturer, Dynaudio, who will be showing off their flagship Confidence range.

Feeling fresh after their store refurb, Audio T Oxford will be greeting the trio of Dynaudio, Marantz and Bluesound to the showroom. One of the brands will be showing off a brand new, unreleased product. Jon and Andy will also be giving one lucky attendee the chance to win a Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin worth £699, so make sure you head down!

The gents in Portsmouth will be taking advantage of having one of our larger stores by having a selection of products from KEF and Innuous as well as being joined by Rotel, who will be showcasing their flagship range of Michi products.

Gareth and Rob from Audio T Reading will be welcoming their good friends, Audio Note. Based in West Sussex, Audio Note boast themselves as one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious manufacturers of ultra performance valve based home audio systems. The gents will be joined by Micky Seaton (right-hand man of Audio Note founder, Peter Qvortrup) who will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

Alan and Wayne will be playing host to two British manufacturers both of whom are known for producing award winning high-end audio solutions. Bowers & Wilkins will be showing off their fabled 800 series speakers which will be powered by a selection of Chord Electronics products from the Dave and Ultima ranges. You will also have an opportunity to get hands on with the Chord Electronics range of desktop products including the brand new Mojo 2 DAC/Headphone Amp and the Anni integrated amplifier. 

The gents at Audio T Swansea will be showcasing an incredible selection of products from Monitor Audio and Roksan. Both brands, now owned by the Monitor Audio Group, have a longstanding heritage of providing high quality Hi-Fi and Home Cinema solutions to suit all budgets – Be sure to head on down as there will be something for everyone. 

Andy and Stefan will be extending a warm welcome to Audiolab and DALI to provide an insight in to their range of electronics and speakers respectfully. Alex Foxom, business development manager for DALI will be on hand to give you his expert knowledge on the Danish Loudspeaker manufacturer, as well as give you an exclusive look at a exciting new product.

Contact your local Audio T store for details.




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