AudioSolutions go large with Overture O306F

AudioSolutions Overture O306F

AudioSolutions Overture O306F

AudioSolutions launches biggest member in Overture range – the Overture O306F. Company CEO Gediminas Gaidelissays: “this model is essential to the whole AudioSolutions portfolio as previously we did not have large scale speaker in Overture range (as we do in Figaro series model Figaro L). So customers who would like to spend less on large scale speaker or want to have bigger speaker than O305F (size equivalent of Figaro M) in their big rooms are facing a problem – they either have to spend substantially more for Figaro L going from Overture range up, or they have to use a smaller size speaker. None of this is a good option, so we decided to add the most essential speaker in our range O306F which is in size and driver size an equivalent to Figaro L”.

Overture O306F shares same cabinet structure and technologies as all other Overture models one of most impressive ‘Cabinet-in-a-Cabinet’ system and weighs a whopping 70kgs per speaker. “Probably the heaviest speaker in this price range” – says Gaidelis.

“With new model addition we launched new colours one of which changes old colour – Oak to Zebrano. Another four colours are strictly limited run options and will be offered only till September 1st of 40 pairs each model and finish whichever will come first. Four limited colours include Bianco (white wood), White Mahogany (a combo of white front and mahogany sides) Black Mahogany (a combo of black front and mahogany sides) and Matured Oak one of AudioSolution’s classics first appeared in Overture mk2 series speakers”.

Base price for Overture O306F is €5.500 – €6.100 per pair depending on region. Wood collection finishes will add 10% to base price and limited run options will add 20% to base price. AudioSolutions.

Technical data
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 1150mm x 301mm (525mm with feet) x 507mm; 45.3 x 11.85 (20.67) x 19.96 in
Weight : 70 kg/154 lbs each
Shipping weight : 75 kg/106 lbs each
Sensitivity : 91.5 dB @ 2.83V 1m
Nominal power handling : 250 W rms
Maximum unclipped power handling : 500 W;
Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms
Crossover frequency : 500 Hz; 3000 Hz
Frequency response (in-room environment) : 29-26000 Hz
Drivers : 2,5 cm silk dome tweeter, 15.2 cm ER paper cone mid, two 23 cm ER paper cone bass drivers

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