AudioSolutions’ missing link


AudioSolutions is to finalize its portfolio with the Virtuoso series which founder Gediminas Gaidelis describes as the missing link between the Figaro series and Vantage 5thanniversary speaker series. Virtuoso is a  3-way system with two 7.5” bass drivers, 6.5” mid driver and 1.2” tweeter that’s available in a range of high gloss and metallic finishes. 

Virtuoso is equipped with a mini-horn on the tweeter in order to “fight soft dome resonance problems at lower frequencies. The Mini-Horn which raises tweeter sensitivity and at the same time loads the driver diaphragm with additional dampening”. The Virtuoso midrange covers a whacking 500 to 7,000Hz and is claimed to be the very first speaker to have three crossover profiles to suit different listening styles, rooms and tastes. 

The Virtuoso cabinet is described as a box in a box with an internal fully sealed cabinet with heavy internal bracing and damping techniques within another outer box which is glued tight to the inner box in order to maximise stiffness. This speaker will debut at Munich high end show in May, no price has been announced thus far. 

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