Auralic streamers spin CDs


Auralic’s latest V7 firmware allows its streamers to be used as CD players and rippers. By hooking up an optical disc drive to the appropriate USB port on the back of Auralic Aries and Altair series streamers via its Lightning DS control app you can play CDs and rip them to your digital library. The only limitation on choice of disc drive is that it needs its own power supply or can be run of a powered USB hub, relatively inexpensive models from Asus and Pioneer can be used for this purpose alongside Melco’s D100.

This feature is part of Auralic’s V7.0 firmware which is an a automatic update to Aries G-series, Femto and LE models as well as Altair and Altair G-Series models. The Lightning DS app needs to be on V6.0 software but users will have been prompted for this update. Ripping discs can be done to a USB or network attached drive, or in the case of the more recent Auralic streamers there is the option of installing an internal drive.

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