Black Rhodium Opus

black rhodium opus

black rhodium opus

OPUS has been developed from the highly successful award winning (Best Buy in Hi-fi Choice) Harmony stereo interconnect cable. We have taken the basic design of Harmony, but have cut the cost of manufacturing by simplifying its design in keeping with the basic concept.

OPUS cable is made from 2 cores of tinned copper wire insulated in low loss silicone rubber, twisted to reject radio frequency interference, and sheathed in white silicone rubber.
OPUS also works very well as a loudspeaker cable. On an occasion when we tested Harmony as a speaker cable we were very impressed with its sound quality. However at that time we had no     place in our loudspeaker cable range for a new product. OPUS Loudspeaker cable now emerges as a result of that test.
Opus CABLE is manufactured in the UK to design specifications created by Black Rhodium.


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Specifications of the OPUS cable are:

Conductors: 16 x 0.2mm diameter (20 gauge) tinned copper
Insulation: Silicone rubber type GPC
Outside diameter: 6mm
OPUS Stereo Interconnect will be available at these Retail Prices:
0.5m stereo pair £42.00
1m stereo pair £49.00
OPUS Loudspeaker Cable will be available at these Retail Prices:
£7.00 per linear metre
3m pair terminated with 4mm plugs £102.00
5m pair terminated with 4mm plugs. £130.00
For further information, please contact Graham Nalty :
Tel: 01332 342233

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