Bob Katz interview

bob Katz interview

Weiss talk to mastering guru Bob Katz

Swiss digital audio specialist Weiss engineering have interviewed Bob Katz, a three-time Grammy award-winning mastering engineer and a passionate advocate for exceptional audio quality. They explore Bob’s lifelong dedication to perfecting the auditory experience, encompassing recording, mixing, and mastering.

He sheds light on the delicate balance between sound creators and listeners, advocating for loudness normalization and dynamic recordings to enhance the audio landscape. Bob’s journey also showcases his broad musical palette, embracing various genres while maintaining a keen ear for excellence.

Daniel weiss with grammy
Daniel Weiss is also a Grammy winner

Venturing into the vinyl renaissance, Bob offers a captivating perspective, highlighting the unique allure of vinyl for dedicated listeners who engage in deliberate and attentive music consumption. He also shares valuable insights and tips for both audiophiles and professional audio engineers – emphasizing the vital role of psychoacoustics and emotional connection in the perception of sound quality.
In this interview, Bob also delves into the loudness war, the art of mixing and mastering with headphones, and strategies to overcome the circle of confusion in the world of audio.

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