Bucket o’ Bluetooth


The SoundBucket was designed from scratch to hi–end audio standards by British pro audio company Crookwood. They claim this novel Bluetooth design represent a real improvement over the mass produced portable speakers currently available.  Every facet of the design was made to reproduce music well, from the obvious choice of high quality drivers, to the less obvious cylindrical aluminium case.

The design, with the vertical bass/mid driver and horizontal tweeter, on a curved face, gives near omni radiation patterns up to about 5KHz, when it tails off gently.  This gives the speaker very good stereo imaging in all rooms, and like all omnis gives it an air of realism and presence.

The large 4” bass/mid unit mounted in a sealed box, gives a solid bass performance, with a slow tail off, unlike the one-note rapid roll-off bass radiators of the competition, and the large 30W bi-amped power amplifiers, can really pump out the volume.

To make life easy, they have a cool leather handle to make them easy to pick up and move, and have large 50 hour batteries, so they can keep playing while other speakers have given up.  Using the latest Bluetooth® chips with aptX® encoders, it sounds great wirelessly, but unusually they also have a pure analogue path. If you use the analogue aux inputs, you’ll get a direct link to the power amplifiers, with no re-digitising or compression, ideal for hi-res audio players.

There are loads more interesting features, but the most obvious is that they are available in a range of 10 fabulous colours to make them feel at home in your home. Soundbuckets are currently available on kickstarter at £125 if you are quick.

soundbuckets detail

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