Burndy X Naim upgrade for less with Chord

Chord Company Burndy X

Chord Company Burndy X upgrade for Naim

Chord Company has launched new and upgraded versions of its British-designed-and-built Burndy cables, for Naim Audio equipment. There are two new models: Burndy X and Burndy T, both of which have been designed to provide Burndy-equipped Naim Audio devices with a trusted upgrade path.

The new upgraded Burndy T (from £1,760) directly replaces the previous generation model, while the Burndy X (from £880) is an all-new entry-level cable that brings Chord Company’s near-40-year cable design and UK manufacturing expertise to a more accessible price point. The new models build on Chord Company’s debut Burndy cables (2020) with extensive upgrades, including the company’s proprietary insulation XLPE in the entry-level Burndy X.

The Burndy X cable is handmade to order and benefits from multi-stranded silver-plated OFC conductors (with XLPE), complemented by high-density, silver-plated braid and foil combination high-frequency shielding. The complex umbilical link is terminated with the company’s unique, crimped Choralloy-plated connector pins. The Burndy X is designed to connect all compatible Naim Audio products, including the 12-way and 23-way- (Type 3 and Type 4) equipped models.

Chord Company Burndy X

The Burndy T cables are hand-built to exacting standards by Chord Company’s UK technicians, using precision-engineered components finished with a complex termination process. They feature the highest quality materials and standards of mechanical fabrication, from the company’s flagship Taylon-insulated conductors to the multiple, layered screens which protect delicate signals from high-frequency noise.

The Burndy T connector pins are also Choralloy-plated: a multi-metal plating system that provides a significant musical improvement over previous gold/silver-plating techniques and one that offers a major step forward in Burndy performance. As part of the Burndy upgrade programme, the Bridge shorting plug (£500), which works with unused (Naim Audio) power supply upgrade ports to reduce high-frequency noise, has also been updated to include proprietary Choralloy-plated connector pins.

Chord Company used a Burndy-equipped Naim Audio NAP 300 amplifier in listening tests during the development of the new Burndy cables; the company’s first-ever cable was created for Naim Audio equipment back in 1984.

Chord Company Burndy cables are available now in a wide variety of configurations priced from £880 (Burndy X) and £1,760 (Burndy T); Bridge £500.

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