Cambridge Audio SX speakers reborn


First introduced in 2013, the new Cambridge Audio SX speakers come in an all-new matte black finish and feature a new logo. The new range comprises SX-50 and SX-60 standmount speakers, SX-70 centre speaker, SX-80 floorstanding speakers, and SX-120 subwoofer. 

Key features:
A 25mm silk dome tweeter that combines smooth and refined sound with high levels of detail.
Dedicated foam damper behind the tweeter diaphragm that reduces reflections and helps to create a wide and effortless soundstage.
Treated paper cones provide a light and stiff mid/bass driver, delivering a smooth and even frequency response with outstanding tonal realism.
Carefully optimised woofer magnet systems to deliver deep, punchy bass with high efficiency – ensuring the speakers are easy to drive.
Precisely optimised crossovers for the most neutral, smooth and phase linear response.
Rigid MDF cabinet modelled using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) so that the speaker dimensions minimise standing waves and keep vibration to a minimum.


SX-50 standmount speakers – £179 / $199.99
SX-50 is an entry-level pair of compact bookshelf speakers that can sit in the tightest and most demanding of spaces and still produce a confident, room-filling sound. The two-way speakers are rear-ported, and have a 25mm silk dome tweeter and 13.5cm treated paper cone mid/bass driver.


SX-60 standmount speakers – £229 / $299.99
The SX-60 standmount speakers build on the strengths of the SX-50s but have a larger footprint. They can work happily in bigger spaces while still offering considerable flexibility in terms of placement. The SX-60s feature a larger 16.5cm paper cone mid/bass driver, and have a port at the front of the speakers.


SX-80 floorstanding speakers – £399 / $599.99
The SX-80 offers the power and presence of floorstanding speakers at an exceptionally competitive price. They deliver an effortless, full-range soundstage that captures the scale and weight of even the most demanding pieces of music, while also maintaining the speed and finesse of their smaller siblings. A stylish and room-friendly option, the SX-80s are a two-way, rear-ported design with two 16.5cm treated paper cone mid/bass drivers and a 25mm silk dome tweeter.


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