Chord Co Clearway Digital


The Chord Company has launched Clearway Digital, an all-new Tuned ARAY digital audio cable at the almost affordable price point of £100. Available in a wide range of terminations, including a 3.5mm mono jack for today’s high-performance portable devices, Clearway Digital was conceived to deliver no-compromise digital audio, to and from a wide range of audio products.
Standard terminations include Chord’s silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs as well as silver-plated BNC plugs. The Chord Company has also recognised the increasing popuparity of high-performance portable DACs and is offering Clearway Digital terminated with a 3.5mm mono jack. This configuration allows owners of DACs or devices equipped with a 3.5mm coaxial socket to connect with decent digital sources.
Clearway Digital uses an oxygen-free copper conductor combined with gas-foamed polyethylene insulation and a woven copper shield. It replaces the company’s popular Prodac VEE3 digital cable.
Clearway Digital: 1 metre RCA to RCA £100; 1 metre RCA to 3.5mm mini-jack £100; 1 metre RCA to BNC £105; 1 metre BNC to BNC £110. Custom lengths are available in all terminations.

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