Chord Poly


Chord Electronics have officially launched Poly a wireless streamer and more for their remarkable Mojo headphone amp and DAC. Poly slots onto the end of Mojo and provides a range of features that are truly legion for such a compact device. Built around an ARM computer with a 10 layer circuit board it will receive a wireless signal from a mobile phone, providing wire free high res audio on the move. Alternatively it accepts SD cards loaded with music that can be controlled with third party Apps, making it a solid state hard drive into the bargain. In the home it can wirelessly connect NAS drives on a network, send signal to Mojo and provide a complete streaming package with a tiny footprint. The Mojo and Poly are battery powered but there’s nothing stopping them from being permanently powered by a USB charger.

Poly SD Card

Like a mobile phone it can connect up to wi-fi networks and hotspots and remember them, giving instant access to multiple networks for streaming from the cloud or locally stored music. Poly can even create its own hotspot for situations where tethering is not an option. It adds Bluetooth and Airplay connectivity to Mojo and is Roon ready. On the resolution front it’s up there with the best, catering for PCM up to 768kHz and DSD512 via DoP. Combine this with a claimed nine hour battery life and you have a very powerful yet lightweight accessory that puts Mojo in an enviable position when it comes to music on the move and in the home. Poly is naturally compatible with just about every mobile and computer OS on the market including Linux. The asking price of £500 is high for something just 22mm thick but amazing for a British made gadget of such sophistication that’s just 22mm thick!  Watch this space to see whether so many features make for a great user and listener experience.

Poly Faceplate

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