Clarisys full range ribbons in the UK

Clarisys Minuet

Clarisys Audio, the Swiss based manufacturer of full-range ribbon speakers has appointed Sonata as its exclusive distributor for the UK. Inspired by classic ribbon speaker designs of the 1980s, Clarisys Audio have re-imagined them, making use of the latest materials and manufacturing processes so that they can finally enable this technology to fully realise its sonic potential.

With a nominal 3.5 Ohm impedance and an 86dB sensitivity (rising to over 90dB if the neodymium magnet option is specified), these latest designs exhibit a much more amplifier friendly load than those punishing historic ribbon speakers, meaning valve amps can now also join the party.

The current range has four models, ranging in price from £30,000 to £120,000 with Ferrite or neodymium magnet options available on each design. All Clarisys speakers come with a 3-year warranty, are shipped in custom flight-cases and can be ordered in any RAL colour finish at no extra cost.

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