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First seen at the Munich High End show earlier this year Devialet’s second generation products are now in the UK. The entry-level Devialet 110 starts at less than half the price of the original D-Premier, the Devialet 170 adds greater power output and facilities and the top-of-the-line Devialet 240 directly replaces the D-Premier in terms of price and specification. A further option, the Devialet 500, will be available from November – this combines two Devialet 240s in a dual-mono configuration, coupled together with proprietary software to deliver unparalleled performance. Up to eight 240s can be daisy chained to deliver an array of possible configurations.


3098 Devialet 110 170

The Devialet 110, 170 and 240 combine a preamplifier, stereo power amplifier and DAC in a single, slim-line case. There are differences in terms of power output (110W, 170W and 240W per channel respectively) and also a degree of functionality – the 170 and 240 offer a more advanced phono stage, while AIR wi-fi connectivity is an option on the 110 and 170 but standard on the 240. However, Devialetʼs ADH (Analogue Digital Hybrid) amplification is consistent throughout the range. The Devialet 110 and 170 share the same newly developed chassis, a single aluminium casting just 4cm high with a stunning dark chrome finish. The 240 inhabits a refined version of the D-Premierʼs original, subtly curved casing. All three may be positioned horizontally or mounted on a wall.
The D-Premier was the first to feature ADH amplification, the 110, 170 and 240 incorporate a newly enhanced version of this technology, employing the same amplification unit but with a redesigned motherboard that delivers increased peak power and enhanced linearity. ADH combines Class A operation with Class D operating in parallel. By combining Class A and Class D Devialet makes amplifiers that are said to “deliver lashings of power, yet the quality sound you hear is pure Class A. In simple terms, Class D provides the muscle, ensuring fabulous efficiency and the ability to drive any speaker on the planet with vice-like grip and control, while Class A delivers exemplary sonic accuracy, expression and refinement.”


3087 Devialet 240

UK prices
Devialet 110: £4,490 (£5,490 with Devialet AIR)
Devialet 170: £6,390 (£7,390 with Devialet AIR)
Devialet 240: £11,800 (including Devialet AIR)

Distribution: Absolute Sounds
Tel: 020 8971 3909

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