DiDiT in the UK


Whole Note Distribution, who specialise in bringing new, unheard products to the UK, is delighted to announce its latest partnership with DiDiT (Different in Design Different in Technology). Operating from the Netherlands, DiDiT offers a sigma-delta based DAC that defies convention, with a new matching power amplifier featuring their in-house designed HyperAmp Class D output stage.

David Graham, MD of Whole Note Distribution, feels that “DiDiT offers something unique in its DAC where a sigma-delta design defies what we have come to expect in sound from such units. In addition, the model provides a preamp section and headphone output(s).

“Even more impressive is the dedication showed by Rients Steenbeek and his team at DiDiT to produce a matching power-amplifier with their own HyperAmp Class D technology. When used together, the 212 system offers world class performance in a beautifully proportioned and designed enclosure”.

Rients Steenbeek of DiDiT is equally enthusiastic: “With this new partnership, DiDiT High-End is entering the UK audiophile market. Being a small and specialised brand it requires a lot of enthusiasm and dedication to be able to do so. David from Whole Note Distribution has these capabilities and more, sharing the same drive and passion that we at DiDiT have for music, which allows him to truly represent us in the UK.

“Hearing our devices and understanding our philosophy will convince people that size does not matter in terms of audio equipment. Our devices have virtually no sonic character; the music will sound the way the artist meant it to sound without any artefacts, which is what audiophiles strive to achieve.” 
Available now, the DiDiT DAC212SE and AMP212 both retail in the UK for £4,495.

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