Dual linear PSU from JCAT


JCAT’s new Initio 3 power supply comes with two DC outputs and is built around a proprietary linear voltage regulator board and ultra-fast low noise rectifier. Described as a “100% linear design utilizing state-of-the-art linear voltage regulators guarantees stable operation and superb measured performance. Initio 3 features a bespoke power transformer with magnetic and electrical shielding. The transformer is sealed with epoxy resin to reduce harmful vibrations and improve sound quality.” 

It comes standard with one shielded audio-grade DC cable in 1.2m length (extra DC cable is available at additional cost) and a choice of connectors . Substantial 0.8mm2 cross section of conductors ensures proper energy transfer to load. DC connectors can be customized to match customer’s device at no additional cost.

Chassis of Initio 3 is made of single sheet of bent steel which ensures high rigidity and low mechanical resonance while an anodized aluminium front adds elegance. Available with 5V or 12V DC outputs Initio 3 is manufactured in EU with 110-240V AC input and available direct from the JCAT store for €750.

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