ELAC AIR-X 409, serious wireless speakers


ELAC claims its AIR-X 409, the latest addition to the AIR-X range, raises the bar for wireless speakers. It combines the wireless functionality of the AIR-X system with the “superlative listening experience” of the FS 409 to open up a new world of tonal qualities.
The AIR-X system comprises the AIR-X AMP amplifier unit and the AIR-X BASE base station.  The BASE acts as the central control unit to which a variety of signal sources can be connected. Whether analogue or digital – every type of connection is catered for. Audio signals are transmitted to the loudspeakers in uncompressed digital form using a lossless system operating at 24-bit resolution with a sampling rate of 48 kHz.

The speaker’s powerful electromechanical components in the form of the two 180 mm woofers, 
150 mm midrange driver and the JET 5 tweeter combine with a very special type of AIR-X AMP that employs 150 Watt Class A/B power amplifiers to drive the mid and high-frequencies and a 300 Watt ICE-Power module for the bass. An AIR-X system can also include numerous loudspeakers from the AIR-X family, all of which can be controlled by one or more AIR-X BASE units. Play the same signal throughout the house, or different signals in every room: one BASE unit can control up to three zones.
The AIR-X 409 has a suggested retail price of €3,990 per unit.

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