Elipson Heritage XLS15


Inspired by monitor speakers of the 1970s and the current growth in demand for vintage/retro audio products, Elipson Audio has added a second big box to their Heritage range in the XLS15 loudspeakers. Vintage in design but versatile in function, this new Elipson speaker is supplied with two different bases and one optional Norstone stand, enabling the sound to be directed towards the discerning listener.

This powerful three-way loudspeaker has been tuned as a bass reflex design with front-firing flared port that can be plugged for low frequency adjustment depending on placement. Driver compliment includes a new 300mm (12 inch) diameter cellulose coated bass unit with high power magnet, a new 55mm diameter treated dome midrange driver covering nearly three octaves and a 22mm diameter silk dome tweeter, found on the flagship model of the Prestige Facet series. Sensitivity is a valve friendly 92dB (6 Ohms) and the XLS15 cabinet stands 70cm high without stand.

Mid and high frequency levels can be adjusted according to your listening room or music genre. In addition, inserting the base plinth (supplied) creates a 7° tilt for perfect acoustic phasing, an optional metal stand from sister company Norstone raises it by a further 19cm from the floor.  

Elipson’s new Heritage XLS15 loudspeaker will be available in the UK from January through selected authorised dealers at an SRP of £1,790 per pair.  Vintage stands will be £199 per pair.

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