Falcon Q7 mini-monitor kit


The latest addition to Falcon Acoustics Complete@Home range of kit loudspeakers is the Q7 Mini-Monitor which can be assembled in “under two hours” at costs £995. The Q7 Mini-Monitor is said to “represent a wholesale production upgrade to the original Q7 kit, designed by Malcolm Jones and sold by Falcon for many years”. The new Q7 self-assembly project is supplied with full ‘production grade’ Italian Baltic birch ply cabinets specially extended beyond LS3/5a size to produce an optimum Q of 0.7 system, which means it offers an 2dB of at 50 Hz compared with the LS3/5a.  

It features the Falcon B110 and T27 drive units employed by the Falcon LS3/5a, and a factory-assembled pre-wired crossover, mirroring the original Malcom Jones design but arranged on a modern multi-layer board. Cabinet baffles are veneered in a choice of natural walnut or rosewood, and the cloth grilles are magnetically secured. Falcon speaker terminals complete the Q7 specification. 

No soldering is required in the assembly, all tools are provided, and construction is guided by an online instruction manual and online video. Tygan front grilles and Q7 Silver Badge crossover upgrade options are also available.

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