Finkteam goes boldly with Kim


Finkteam has unveiled its most affordable and compact loudspeaker to date. Borg now has a ‘little brother’ (a relative statement) called Kim (£9,950), this standmount retains the basic design principles of its forebear,. The new model is a two-way reflex system with a paper coned woofer with oversized magnet and an AMT tweeter based on Mundorf constructions. The cabinet has ‘everything needed to avoid unwanted radiation from the box’ and a crossover with high quality parts. 

So how does it differ from Borg? Obviously the size, apparently the idea was to find a cabinet shape and size that would integrate easily in living spaces. Finkteam decided that the height of the speaker should integrate with other things in a living room not higher than the window sill, chairs, tables, sideboards etc. The cabinet should be a proper size for an 8inch woofer and a shape that would be less bold than the Borg cabinet. The result is a rectangular main cabinet and front baffle which offer a shape to minimise diffraction problems from the drive unit. 

Due to the low height of the design the speaker is tilted on its dedicated stand, this en-sures that in a normal listening position the soundstage has the correct height and size. There is still the ability to adjust the angle in case the listener is closer or further away from the speakers. As the stand is so important for the final sound it comes together with the speaker. The stand is made from stainless steel and only has very small surfaces that could radiate resonances and is light enough not to store energy. 

The terminal panel utilises one set of pure copper binding posts. It follows the philoso- phy that one good cable sounds better than two, so better quality cable can be afforded. For adjustment to different amplifiers the woofer damping can be modified and a second switch sets the HF level. The crossover follows the tradition of Linkwitz–Riley filter 4th order at a low 2200Hz, the AMT is also connected via a passive delay to adjust the phase in relation with the woofer – something that worked very well in Borg. All the important inductors are air cored and capacitors are a mixture of Mundorf components plus some custom types in order to get the tonal balance correct. The resistors are all low inductance bifilar types, all custom made with copper lead wire and low tolerance. 

The woofer uses a paper cone, this time with a rubber surround. On an 8inch driver it is not possible to use corrugated cloth as a surround material without too many compromises. To get the resonance frequency down to the level required for the cabinet it would reduce the midrange quality and add colouration. On the cabinet we used all the tricks they learned over the years. The walls are made from two panels with the latest damping glue between them, the bracing is all carefully optimized and resonators added to avoid standing wave modes without killing the fun with excessive damping material. The port is made using the same principles developed with Borg, but this time it’s integrated into the rear panel. What about the name? Originally the name we had was Canale Grande. This was because the internal construction with several Helmholtz resonators looked like a map of Venice! Later we decided to give it another name out of the Startrek universe and this time we have chosen Kim; a nice friendly character that fits in with our idea to make the speakers easier to integrate in the home and less bold. 


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