Gamut M’inen Madness


The newest addition to the GamuT portfolio is the M’inenT series. Beautiful both to look at and to listen to, the M’inenT is an attractively priced masterpiece. The exquisite quality of design, parts and craftsmanship is reminiscent of the no-holds-barred El Superiores series yet the M’inenT Series is presented at a fraction of the cost.

The GamuT M’inenT series use complex impulse optimised bass reflex enclosures with exotic real wood veneers on a laminated curved MDF structure. Internal bracing and pressure control segments optimise the acoustic behaviour of the external surfaces.

Internal pressure guidance and control is achieved by acoustic damping positioned on the horizontal fan shaped reinforcement structures as well as the full height vertical reinforcement structure. These critically positioned structures time-align the coupling to the port openings to achieve optimum dynamic linearity and acoustic damping.

The low resonance bass reflex opening is terminated in a low turbulence stainless steel wave-guide.

Price: from £5,230

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