Melco has clearly been at the sauce or perhaps the heat is getting to them becausethey are giving away gin among other possibly more appealing goodies as part of their 2019 SummerGift promotion (UK). Melco is offering a range of gifts with the purchase of any of its digital music libraries from an official Melco retailer for a limited time.

The gifts include: Apple iPads (for the Melco Music HD app); 12-month Tidal and Qobuz accounts; £250 Red Letter Day gift vouchers; Buffalo Technology 6TB drives and more, with a total of 11 items to choose from based on the model of digital music library purchased. 

Effective immediately and running until the 8th of September 2019, the Summer Gift Promotion works on a points system: each Melco digital music library has a points value which can be exchanged for gifts.

Qualifying Melco digital music libraries include the following:

N100 (2 Melco points)
N1A (4 Melco points)
N1ZH60 (6 Melco points)
N10 (8 Melco points)
N1ZS20 (10 Melco points) 

Incentive gifts which can be exchanged for Melco points include:

Apple iPad (for use with the Melco Music HD app) (8 Melco points)
Red Letter Day £250 Gift Voucher (6 Melco points)
TIDAL HiFi Hi-Res streaming account for 1 year (5 Melco points)
Qobuz Sublime Hi-Res streaming account for 1 year (5 Melco points)
Buffalo 6TB Drive Station backup drive (4 Melco points)
Buffalo mains powered CD loader BRXL (3 Melco points)
Buffalo 4TB Drive Station backup drive (3 Melco points)
Melco C1AE1 Ethernet cable 0.5m, 1.0m or 2.0m (2 Melco points) downloads £75 value (2 Melco points)
Native DSD/Channel Classics Downloads £75 (2 Melco points)
Thundery Hill Craft Gin (1 Melco Point)


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