Goldmund Eidos Reference SACD


Goldmund has released their latest Reference series product, the flagship the Eidos Reference SACD player. Due to the continued demand for high-quality digital disc players, particularly from Goldmund’s Asian markets, the Swiss manufacturer decided to implement an R&D programme within its Geneva Labs to investigate the viability of the project. After much research into all the available disc mechanisms, it was decided that a device from D&M, when modified with the latest generation of Goldmund’s mechanical grounding and magnetic damping technologies, produced the best results.

Subsequently, the Eidos Reference SACD player can read audio from all current digital disc formats (SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R*/-RW*/+R*/+RW* (* audio data files only). Making extensive use of over 40 years of audio expertise, the player brings together all of Goldmund’s proprietary technologies in vibration control, power supply regulation, digital conversion and analogue circuitry.

As well as various analogue and digital outputs, the Eidos Reference SACD also has a USB input capable of supporting PCM audio up to 384kHz and DSD512. The new Reference, weighing 110kg, is handmade in Geneva and is available in either the classic aluminium finish or a new, special, matt black option. The UK price is £175,000.

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