Goldmund entry level Eidos SACD

Goldmund Eidos SACD

Goldmund Eidos SACD/CD player

Swiss audio manufacturer Goldmund have introduced the Eidos SACD, the latest addition to their CD player range. As a continuation of the previous SACD model Eidos Reference, Goldmund offers further developments of its CD player. Likewise its predecessor, the Eidos SACD can play a variety of audio formats available on the market (SACD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R*/-RW*/+R*/+RW* (*Audio data file only). When connected to a computer, the Eidos SACD can support PCM audio formats up to 384KHz and to DSD512.

Goldmund Eidos SACD

Eidos SACD retains its unique grey finish and aesthetics and features the same audio card as its big brother, along with a new front panel that features a control pad. As a result, this an ever more compact device, designed to improve the ergonomics of the space while avoiding any form of compromise. It provides both digital and analogue outputs at the rear for increased customisation and accuracy. These outputs can be used to connect a wide variety of audio equipment, including a preamplifier, digital sound processor or integrated amplifier. Mindful of the limited space available in the device, Goldmund’s engineers designed a shielding solution between the different elements of the product to ensure seamless harmonisation and technicality.

This shielding ensures that there is no interaction between different sections of the product, including the audio card and the power supply. The Eidos SACD is more compact and offers even better quality than the old CD/SACD players. A new technological achievement in the world of high-end audio devised by our company. The Eidos SACD retails for £80,000 and is being distributed in the UK by Sonata.

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