Goldmund Telos 300 power amplifier


Goldmund has released their latest stereo power amplifier, a new product that can trace its lineage all the way back to the Mimesis 3 amp from 1985. The new model brings together all of Goldmund’s latest evolutionary advances to its proprietary Telos amplification technology in a compact and stylish package.

Delivering 225 watts of Class AB power per channel, the Telos 300 follows in the Goldmund tradition of delivering its output over an extremely wide 3Mhz bandwidth, to ensure the audio signal exhibits no unnatural group delays and phase irregularities within the audible frequency spectrum.

Improvements have been made to the power supply and further refinements of the amplifier circuits have resulted in greater low frequency control, lower harmonic distortion in the high frequencies and improved linearity. Ideally partnered with either the Goldmund Mimesis 27.8 or Mimesis 37S NextGen preamplifiers, the Telos 300 is distributed in the UK by Sonata and priced at £13,000.

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