Ifi Retro Stereo 30


AMR offshoot ifi has taken a break from building its kit in compact aluminium boxes and created the Retro system solid real bamboo casework. Designed as a decent system without the clutter Retro Stereo 30 consists of a 25 watt ‘e-receiver’ with EL34 valves and modern features such as Bluetooth and USB alongside a phono input for turntables. It’s a great looking, compact system with two way loudspeakers that ifi hopes to be able to sell for £1,500. Other features include X-Bass and 3D sound, the latter for headphones which are also accommodated. It even has tone controls with the audiophile option of a direct bypass button. The name and valve choice indicate an enthusiasm for the Leak Stereo 20 valve amp or yore which also used EL34s.


ifi retro

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