Karma brings Perlisten to UK


Founded in 2016 and based in Verona, Wisconsin, Perlisten Audio arrives in the UK with a global pedigree of engineering excellence and innovation. Over five years of advanced modelling, measurement and listening have been dedicated to developing transducers, electronics and software entirely in-house; nothing is manufactured outside the company’s production facilities.

Perlisten’s latest Signature ‘S’ range of loudspeakers includes the S7 4-way floorstander, a matching S7 Centre model, the 3-way stand-mounting S5 Monitor, a 3-way S4s angled surround/height/LCR design, and a bookshelf version, the S4b. In each model a Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) mid/treble array with a beryllium dome tweeter and poly-carbon mids is complemented by multiple or single 180mm Textreme woofers according to system size. Sitting below the S Series is the Reference ‘R’ Series in similar configurations with a DPC-array of three 26mm silk domes and twin 165mm HFP pulp woofers.

Underpinning these designs is a range of four active subwoofers incorporating proprietary amplification, DSP and app control. The top of the range D215s for instance features twin 380mm carbon fibre woofers in a push-pull configuration, driven by a 3kW Perlisten amplifier, while the compact D12s uses a 300mm carbon fibre driver and 1.5kW amplifier. All subs include 48-bit DSP and 32-bit processing, a 2.4” LCD colour touchscreen display and proprietary app control.  

S Series designs are available in high gloss ebony and high gloss black or white (S4s in gloss black/white only), while the R Series models are offered in high gloss black. The D series subs are available in a piano black finish. Typical retail prices range from £18,300 pair for the high gloss Ebony S7t and £8,100 for the flagship D215s subwoofer, to £4,500 pair for the R4b model. 

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