Keith Monks goes threadless


The new Prodigy record cleaning machine from Keith Monks features a sustainable bamboo sculptured chassis with a very significantly smaller footprint and a substantially lower price of £795 (€895, $995) than the company’s bigger machines. The new Prodigy is easy to use, easy to store and most importantly is quiet to use. Many other record cleaning machines “sound like a 747 taking off” to quote a friend. The Prodigy is Keith Monks most silent machine yet, but all KM RCMs are quiet enough to play a record and enjoy it while cleaning another. 

Until you have experienced cleaning a pile of records, you will not realise how much difference this makes to the experience. Record cleaning with a noisy machine is hard work and tedious; record cleaning while playing and enjoying records is a lot less of a chore. Prodigy brings the world’s first Threadless point suction cleaner to market. Previous KM machines have used a thread between the suction nozzle and the record. The new system is simpler, easier and more effective. 

Prodigy is fitted with a multi-colour lighting system to enhance its in-home appeal further and add another element of fun to the cleaning process. The Keith Monks method is a liquid on and liquid off solution guaranteeing no recontamination from previously used fluids. It cleans both sides of a vinyl LP in roughly five minutes. Prodigy can also clean CDs, Blu-Ray Discs, and even computer CDs and Laserdiscs (remember them?).


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