Kimber Select USB


As part of its 40th Anniversary celebrations, Kimber Kable has announced the launch of the Kimber Select USB cables, for fans of computer audio who want to get the very best out of their systems.Using tech developed from the AXIOS range of USB cables and the previous Select flagship products, the new Select USB cables have taken both material and design cues from these prior versions to create a new three-model range. 

The Select USB-Copper (KS-USB Cu) has conductors featuring advanced silver-plated copper with low-density PTFE insulation. Pure copper conductors are used for 5V DC line and all the connectors are braided together with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibres to maintain consistent geometry and greatly improve the durability. The data conductor shielding is completely bonded to the connector shell using pure silver foil for low RF impedance to ground. 

The Select USB-Hybrid uses a mixture of copper and silver, with the power line featuring the same pure copper as the entry version of the cable, but with the all-important data lines manufactured from pure silver with a low-density PTFE insulation. All other terminations and connections are made to the same exacting standards. The top-of-the-range model is the Kimber Select USB-Silver, which, as the name suggests, uses pure silver conductors throughout its construction for the ultimate in performance. 
All cables are available in lengths from 0.5m to 6m and can be specified with various different connectors, such as A to B, A to C and C to C.Prices start at £562.50 for a 0.5m Kimber Select KS-USB Cu.

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